Midnight Musings #7

2013-12-02 00:43:23 by MSGhero

Progress for Juggernaut 2 has slowed down a LOT. The game is playable, so now it's details, polish, and menus left to do. I can't really mow my way through those things like the larger systems, so that's why it's taking a while. Rewriting most of the larger systems to make adding content easier might have stalled development as well. Maybe. Yeah, I know I have to add text info to the menus, make particles show up during someone's attack, make battle animations not look like crap, add doors to houses: the details, the dull.

On the "How far I think I am" scale, I'm 80% done. On the "How far I actually am" scale, I'm maybe 65-70% done. Moving around the overworld and talking to npcs are more than half the game, and those took a week to do. Quests are pretty big, and they're taking forever. Skipping cutscenes is minor, and it's looking like that'll take forever. And there's crafting which I haven't touched yet.

Holy shit I just realized exams are next week, not the week after. That was on my mind before, but fml even more now. That's less dev-cember, less dota2, less fun, more study. Study time is not fun time.

Two weeks ago, I had ~8400 lines of code without the data files. Now 9800. Some of that is hardcoded animation stuff, the rest is the code representation of my free time.

Midnight Musings #7


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