Game Jam 8 Ante-Mortem(?)

2012-10-14 22:22:23 by MSGhero

or: A Series of Unfortunate Events
To be frank, we got boned.

There was no one posting in the jam thread, and I surely wasn't about to start pming random people from around the site to join me, so I got Tom to front page the thread. A flood of people posted, and I felt pumped. I got an artist (for once) and musician to accompany me and my writer. Buono. Then I get a text from my parents: "Remember you're flying in Saturday, not Friday." No buono. Like, no one even told me I was coming home this weekend. I figured my parents would leave me alone enough so that I could get all the work done. I was naïve.

The sequence of events, according to how I remember it:

6:00 pm: Artist has work until whenever he's done at some late-ass hour, rest of us are waiting.
6:57 pm: Theme is announced
7:00 pm: Realize the theme has already been announced and bitch about those 3 minutes I'll never get back
11:30 pm: Engine is done, works like a charm. Call it quits for the night.

9:30 am: Wake up early cuz the bus doesn't run very often on weekends.
11:00 am: At the airport
11:58 am: Get settled in my spot at the terminal and crack out the code
12:04 pm: Get a smoothie
12:07 pm: Get back to coding, still haven't heard from the artist
3:00 pm or something cuz of the hour time zone change: Back home, FAMILY TIME!
9:00 pm: Find out the musician's computer just fucking died, finally some art
9:01 pm: Art is from the wrong perspective
9:30 pm: Make a blitting (spritesheet) engine to avoid the lag from movieclips
10:30 pm: Realize it's way too late for the artist to start making spritesheets, CTRL-Z
10:32 pm: Finish holding CTRL-Z
11:00 pm: Artist realizes a single dot was causing an issue that I spent a half hour trying to figure out, I ragequit

9:30 am: Wake up to start hard-core coding.
9:30:15 am: Realize it's nine fucking thirty in the morning, go back to sleep
11:00 am: Wake up, start coding
11:15 am: FAMILY TIME!
3:30 pm: I call it quits, no audio, half the art required, some weird rotation problem in the code
8:30 pm: Realize there's a Halloween-themed event going on, decide to make the game for that instead
8:45 pm: Start bitching about my weekend
9:22 pm: Finish bitching about my weekend

Lady Luck may be a whore, but she's a classy whore and doesn't sleep with us :(


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2012-10-15 08:23:04

Was hoping to try out your game D:

MSGhero responds:

Lol, I'll tell you when we finish it