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2015-04-29 17:42:36 by MSGhero

I wasn't sure what to post, but I wanted to post something today. So here's the current items and scribbled thoughts on the todo list for Enki Adventures, the rogue-like/lite/whatever with Jordan (look at his or my previous posts for actual game info). I doubt it makes sense to everyone (anyone?), but I'm probably not the only one with a chaotic todo list.

Debug shapes are great.












  • How do I lob bombs? Either keep the footbox (and hitbox?) on the ground or dot the collision normals (eww)
  • How do I directionally lob bombs?
  • Add hscript enum??? super powerful but super terrifying
  • Tween offset y with bouncing ease for horiz, scale for vert
  • How do I make bombs explode near enemies? onCollide sensor (onSense?) which has to ignore the player and objs (delete inRadius and maybe target)


  • Rename hitboxes to something better (taking dmg versus dealing dmg)
  • Rename or clarify kb vs kbr in data files (better names prolly)
  • Custom game reset(), flx's is annoying (destroys current state which i don't want prematurely)
  • Abstract action1 for general bomb/boomerang/whatever


  • Tween controller?
  • Flicker consts
  • update(0) timing
  • Assign all cb groups
  • Bomb place anim
  • Add facing bias to knockback (straightDir somehow)
  • Better iphysics abstraction
  • Null weapon for enemies: need to specify dmg and kb somewhere tho (enemy stats best place imo)
  • .5 sec extra invuln for player (no hit stun)
  • Hp checks in CR states
  • Placement of onhit/ondeath might account for this (2nd death transition might just be ignored)
  • Gamepad: service per gamepad type (via lime.ui for now)
  • Replay service? (change all math.randoms to flx random to remember the seed)


  • Tree positioning for vertical parts (big tree, 80/48/32 screws everything up) + hardcoded numbers ewww
  • Macro build a config file into Consts (into backends in Consts) ???
  • Asset paths into consts?


  • Hitting trees and such does something nonpermanent
  • Screenshake
  • Hit hold


  • On transition, only a chunk of the player gets scrolled (move player all the way forward during transition, loc problems?)
  • On transition, if a bomb was exploding in the prev zone, it'll be exploding when you get back (destroy all)
  • Short death anims might NOR with kb tween


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2015-04-29 21:57:02

So much to do so little time, eh?

I was curious what this is all about: Replay service? (change all math.randoms to flx random to remember the seed)? Could you elaborate for me what you mean by it?

(Updated ) MSGhero responds:

My finals end tomorrow, so it's opening up for me.

I named my systems "services" and was thinking about adding one to save replays of the game (since flixel has that feature already). It stores your inputs and literally re-plays the game. But because math.random is random, I can't rely on that. Flixel's random is seeded, and the replays store the seed, so the game chooses the same random numbers as before to make everything play out the same.

But then I might not add that feature.


2015-04-30 14:27:26

Enki 4 Wii U!

(Updated ) MSGhero responds:

That'll actually be possible "soon," but nty.


2015-05-02 01:38:39