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Make games with Flixel!

Posted by MSGhero - August 26th, 2017

I just finished my first post for the HaxeFlixel community, introducing myself and our future goals!

HaxeFlixel is a cross-platform, open-source library for making games. Cross-platform meaning you can make Flash, HTML5, iOS, Android, and native EXE games all from the same code (and maybe even AIR builds now).

If you're worried about the state of the Flash player, you can literally just export to HTML5 instead to upload to NG. Or if you're looking to get onto Steam, just pick Windows/Mac/Linux export. It's that easy.

Really super easy

You can even use your existing SWFs as asset libraries, so you don't have to break your workflow.

The API is similar to AS3's Flixel, except modernized. Both have received praise for being easy to get into. It's being used a ton for Ludum Dare games but also in big games as well. Defender's Quest 2, for instance, will be on Steam as well as consoles.

For your first game or 30th prototype, check out how to get started!

Comments (3)

If you have anything you want updated on our Wiki for game dev tools, let me know. Also do you happen to have any sort of list of games on NG made with HaxeFlixel?

Hmm. I got some results by searching "HaxeFlixel" under games, and then there's the HF showcase: http://haxeflixel.com/showcase/

I guess you'd have to cross-reference from there, but eg Bronko Blue, Genial Santa Claus 2, and probably most tagged as For Flash are here. The original Defender's Quest is here, although only the remake on Steam and the sequel are made with HF I think.

yoo i saw the blog thing on the HaxeFlixel website and thought your name looked familiar! Good luck and I always look forward to new HaxeFlixexl news! It's magical.

@tomfulp I'm pretty sure @squidly 's latest games have been in HaxeFlixel(Authentic Octopus, Super Knight Quest), @jonhdimi 's Tomb Explorer Arcade, and my stinker games too.

Thanks! And yes it is magical.

Ahhhh! I was thinking of the same thing - more demos, more games, more "things that show how cool HF can get," we could even have a "Made with HaxeFlixel" campaign, I know my games will display HF's logo whenever they're booted up (not using the long default thing tho, gonna do my own.)

Looking forward to it! Keep us up to date on the HF discord!

I need to join the discord...