Entry #34

Keep making games with Flixel

2018-01-19 19:35:32 by MSGhero

Play my new game: FlxLightPuzzle Demo!

Made with HaxeFlixel, which I talked about before. Definitely check out that post if you're interested in making games like the cool kids are all doing these days. The neat thing is that I got a SWF version and an HTML5 version of the game from the same code (I don't know Javascript at all, so that's really good for me).

The other neat thing about this game is that the source code is all online and free for people to learn from and edit. Add your own levels or a new mechanic or something!

I haven't uploaded anything in a while, so it was fun working on this puzzle game. If you think there's anything clever about it, it was probably accidental. (apparently it works on Android devices, but maybe maybe not iOS. didn't even know)

FlxLightPuzzle Demo logo


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2018-01-19 19:53:55

nice nice nice bless haxeflixel

I'll definitely be digging around in this source code

MSGhero responds:

Bless up


2018-01-22 05:13:48

Still feel like it's a big shame SWF's getting phased out like it is... but good thing the program's compatible with the future! Cool stuff.

MSGhero responds:

There’s maybeeee a chance this same software will be able to convert swf to js on the fly.


2018-01-22 09:08:21

That would be pretty cool. :)